Monday, 5 October 2015


Many people who know me know I have a life in Israel, just a normal everyday life but without working and learning, which is great!
Specially when I have loads of other fun things to do like see friends, family and have amazing outings.

Usually people have this negative picture of Israel in their head where everything is  dessert and camels but hopefully you can see in my pictures that its one beautiful country!
And yes, due to me been born over there and having family there, I have great amounts of friends that are incredible and who I love so much, so its nice to go over - see them and have fun!
Most photo's are taken on my phone and posted on my social media but these ones below are all from my professional camera, so most good moments are not captured with it unfortunately as I wouldn't take my camera when seeing friends or going on a night out as its too big and heavy. I do regret not going out and taking photo's of all the beautiful scenery but always a next time!!
So try enjoy what I have managed to capture with my professional cam.
 Here is a picture I took on the way to the Airport.
We always have a Burger King before any holiday (Airport food)
( Mother and Sister with their hand luggage)

Bye Bye UK!
Shalom Israel!
Such a beauty from above (Israel)

Arriving in Ben Gurion Airport. (TEL AVIV)

Think my little sister is happy to be in my hood ;)
Getting picked up by our granddad! Aw cuteeeeeeee & Yes we take a lot of luggage for 2 adults and a kid!!
First thing I ate when arriving home, BURRECAS: My favourite ones are with cheese inside & Potatoes and mushrooms ones!
Re-United with cousin Michelle, she's so beautiful - my little girls!
Beautiful sun down in Ashdod.
This is when we took Michelle and Alicia to a kids event.
My girls! Cousin & Sister <3
Alicia flying ;)

Seen as Israel is RED HOT, yes even at night .. The temptation to jump in the fountain is major!
The view I grew up with, my favourite park.
Fountain in the park..

Torah Celebration Car that has loud music & bright lights...

HACHAPURI - Melted cheese stuffed pastry with egg, amazing!! (Traditional Georgian food)
So below is a photo I had to share, this is the humidity that struck Israel, its always major humid but this day was insane!!!!!! SOOOOOO HOT!!! All the sand had risen into the air, felt like a sauna!

So that's pretty much all from the photo's on my camera, as I said most of the pictures are on my social media, those pictures are mostly with friends, events, food, outings and more!

Ben Gurion Airport kids Korner haha!

Stunning fountain in Israel's airport...

Bye Israel - Will miss you, Until next time. Peace!

Keep up with my next travels ( Social media links on homepage )
- Diana, xx

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