Saturday, 20 December 2014


I've been lucky enough to travel ALOT in my 18 ( nearly 19 )
years of life, I enjoy it so much!
this is a post with SOME of my visits
I love a comfy plane, a cosy car journey & a calm ferry trip!
I'm not going to do a massive post with a lot of information because it would simply be tooooooo long.
But I will post a few pictures and describe them a little bit for those who
are interested :)
(not in order btw)
some of these pictures are of MYSELF taken in that specific country
some of these picture's are a location or something I saw in that country and some
are pictures that I don't own (from the internet)
but I will mark those with a *  but there are only around 5 pictures that are not taken by me.

PS. These aren't all the photo's or all the counties because it would take waaaaay too long to show each photo and each country but if you want more info, or want to know where else I've been then email me :D
 Over looking train track and the beach area
this is a photo I took from the aeroplane
This is my favourite cocktail in Israel :P
gorgeous picture I took in Israel of the dead sea
adore Israel warm waffles with chocolate and ice cream
picture of me in Tel Aviv
HAHA me jumping into the pool (sister and granddad)
 me and my friend Anna in Karmiel City
 nothing beats an Israeli pizza!!!
 river Jordan ( I think hahaaaa I can't remember )
 chilling by the pool 
 I took this photo because I LOVE how there was a shadow of the airplane I was on :D
my favourite ice pop flavour, 'Annanas' Pineapple  !!
 my sister on Ashdod beach
 my bestie
 my sister
 another one I took when flying over israel
 I love night time pools
 on the way to the beach
 wedding @ the pool
sister at the pool
driving into my beautiful city of ASHDOD!
 Ashdod beach
 Ashdod beach
 Superland theme park in Israel
 Superland theme park in Israel
 superland theme park in israel
 the photo below is not mine * its from the internet
but its a city in Israel :)
 same goes for the photo below *
 and this one! * Tel Aviv (Capital of Israel )
 oh and this one too * (Tel Aviv)
 my favourite shop at my local shopping centre in Ashdod :D
 a picture I took close to a town called REHOVOT which has a hospital where I was born in!
 Ashdod city!
 view from my grandma's penthouse
 airplane shot


 the beach
 posing hahaaaaa ( in Marseille )
 sight seeing!
 private poolside!
getting slushies!!
Nice (south of France)
 driving along the beach of NICE
 sister on the beach!
 before hitting the club :D was amazing!!
 before a meal

 me and my cousin waiting for a cocktail in Monaco
 picture I took in Monaco
with my cousin
 Monte Carlo Casino
 when I saw this car :O :O :O
 snapchat with our cocktails
 just a picture I took
 sister poolside
 I always take a picture from the plane
 water activities
 and another
 sun sun sun!
 I don't even know...
 dad and sister on balcony
 my leg and lil wayne


sister playing on the beach
 love for slush
 Spanish festival in Gran Canaria
 another. .. .
 cocktail lovingggg
 view from balcony
 sight seeing
water slllllide!
 the pool at night
 Spanish festival
 sight seeing
 sight seeing
 twerking dolphins
 view from other side
 balcony view
 little collage I made
 me mum and dad being silly

 PRAGUEsweets maker  
family wedding. sister looks adorable
sight seeing
 looked gorgeous! so festive
 driving ..  .
 action shot haha, driving!
sight seeing  
 and another
 mummy and daddy
 uncle and aunt
 me and mum LOVED these bags!
 professional photo of the champ at the wedding
 newly weds  :*
 from the plain
 pretty views
 grandma and gDad with unc and aunt
mum, unc, aunt sis and dad 

Holland casino
 sis on the ferry
 just a picture I took

  on the town boat thing whatever you call those!
 mum and sister
 out of the car shot
 and another
 buildings, taken from the boat kinda thing!
 Madame Tussauds with Obama
 Madame Tussauds
Madame Tussauds


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