Sunday, 18 January 2015


It was around 3AM as I got introduced to
the fact that tomorrow I'm going to Liverpool around 11:30am.
17/01/15 - I woke up and prepared myself for a
freezing trip to Liverpool, put on my Timberlands, Big coat and Black Beanie.(hate the word beanie btw!)
Looking at these photographs it may be hard to believe how crazy-full of snow the road there was from Leeds but when we
finally arrived there safely we set off to explore, we walked round the Albert Dock and I visited the Beatles Museum for the second time.
You can see a few shots I took of my
visit below, but what you can't see is my opinion of Liverpool so here is what I PERSONALLY think:
I love and respect the Culture of Liverpool, A beautiful seaside with a very British feel.
Being so close to the sea and not been able to swim is annoying but at the same time quite inspiring as you find all these other things to do on a cold beachy day... like take photographs!

The accent is incredible, I find it so interesting to listen to and slightly amusing... in a good way!
The buildings where a mixture of old and new scattered all over
filling up my camera lens perfectly.
Luckily once we got there the weather was pretty good and allowed me to get great shots with great natural lighting.
I don't want to talk too much of Liverpool as a location on the map because that is information that is easily reachable on the internet.
So I am going to base this more on my personal
thoughts and opinion.
Below is a picture that I took which is actually my favourite from the bunch as the lighting/shadow is PERFECT!
Looks like something you see in a hotel, on the wall.
This was taken in the Albert Dock.
Thank-You sunshine.

Again another in the Albert Docks,
I get so fascinated with boats and yachts, would love to interior design one! 
 Below is a shot I took in the Beatles Museum, I love black and white pictures and this is a perfect example of one.
Its nice to see that the Scous'ers have a little humour.
Wish I bought this booklet! 
The Echo Wheel of Liverpool is the one thing I wanted to do all day but never got round to doing it, GUTTED!
Hopefully I'll get the chance to do so one day and take a few great shots for you guys.

Sweet shops are the cutest! 
 The famous Beatles Museum entrance.
Such a fantastic tourist attraction as they are four legendary boys well known to not only the rest of the UK but also to many other countries.

I actually fancy John Lennon and Paul McCartney SPECIALLY on this photograph!
First of all I love ALL WHITE rooms and interiors so when I saw this in the Museum I had to take a shot.

The Echo Wheel of Liverpool at night. Stunning!!


This is one of my favourite photographs also, that hot dog/ice cream van thing is adorable.
I also really like lights in trees, makes any picture look 100x better!

I'm not exactly sure but I guess this is a little boat made to represent the fact that Titanic was on its way to Liverpool before It sank (One of my favourite films)

Another shot with the gorgeous lights in the trees, Liverpool is really pretty as you can see the building - Water contrast is perfect.
And another of the cute hotdog / ice cream van ... 

Liverpool is pretty in the day but even better at night!
Overall I really enjoyed my trip and would defiantly go again with the hope of going on the Echo Wheel of Liverpool and seeing it all from above.

Last of all I have to share my Milkshake, Oreo flavour which Is one of Britain's number 1 choices for milkshakes and I can see why!

These are my original photographs so as my copyright policy on the ABOUT page states, please do not copy/change nor re-post these pictures without my approval.

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